Understanding Bible Prophecy

A Special Seven Week Bible Seminar

March 26 through May 7, 2019

Tuesday Evenings, 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

When and Where?

From March 26 to May 7, the Christadelphians of Santa Fe Springs invite you to participate in this free Bible seminar. This free seminar will be held at our place of worship.

Who Is This Seminar For?

This seminar is designed for Bible students of all backgrounds. Whether you have been studying the Bible all your life or are a new reader, this seminar will help you to see for yourself what the Bible really teaches.

Soon, this earth will be ruled over by Jesus Christ. The world as we know it will be forever changed. He will rule in peace, equity and justice. He will correct the looming environmental and political problems. There will no longer be religious confusion in the earth. He will reward those who are his faithful believers the gift of immortality. There is so much to look forward to. Let’s share some time around the Word as we contemplate this majestic Master Plan of God.

What Will Be Covered?

Bible Prophecy is intimately connected with the major teachings of the Bible – they do not stand alone. Prophecies in the Bible were provided to warn and prepare believers about the closeness of major events and to give encouragement. Most prophecies center around Jesus Christ and his return to the earth. So, prophecy provides us with details of HOW and WHEN God will bring about His Plan with the earth.

This is important because all too often Christians fail to understand the critical connections between prophecy and the main teachings of the Bible. God’s “Master Plan” calls for man to be redeemed on earth, for a world that will eventually be filled with righteousness and immortal men and women. Prophecy provides us with the needed details of how this will happen.

We are told about Jesus returning to establish a worldwide, everlasting Kingdom. But this is a teaching that connects to promises made to King David in 2 Samuel 7. The inheritance of the earth and not the heavens is connected to the promises extended to Abraham in Genesis 13 and 22.

The Seminar’s Approach to Prophecy:

To understand Bible Prophecy, we must also understand WHAT and WHY. In these seven classes, we will provide a Bible-based overview of God’s Master Plan with the earth. We will look at how God extended critical promises in the Garden of Eden, to Abraham and King David. We’ll look at the miracle of Israel and how their current positioning is a sign to Bible believers that we are living in the Last Days. We will take a look at the prophecies of Jesus Christ, to include the Revelation.

We will take a close look at antichrist and dispel many of the myths that have been recently taught. By the conclusion of the seminar, you will have a strong “platform” of Bible knowledge and prophecies will fit appropriately on that platform.

Why Learn About Prophecy?

The world is changing rapidly and almost all the pieces are in place that were prophesied for the Last Days. The movements in the Middle East, the squaring off of the superpowers over strategy regarding Syria, Iran, Israel – these are all spoken of by the prophets. We live in an age that was highly relevant to the prophetic messages. We can either ignore them, be frightened by them, or take note that Jesus Christ will soon return.

Seminar Location:

Highlights of the Seminar:

  1. God’s Master Plan with the Earth and Mankind
  2. The Essential use of BOTH the Old and New Testament with Bible prophecy
  3. God’s foundational promises – the Keys to Bible Prophecy
  4. The promise to Eve in the Garden
  5. The Promise to Faithful Abraham
  6. The Promise to King David
  7. Israel in Bible Prophecy
  8. Daniel’s Prophecy
  9. The Metallic Image
  10. The Beasts of Chapters 7-8
  11. The Olivet Prophecy of Jesus Christ
  12. The true scriptural teaching about the antichrist
  13. The Revelation and the Last Days prophecies
  14. Current world events as seen through the light of Bible prophecy

About the Teachers:

Bible Semiar Teacher Ed

Ed Hawthorne

Ed has been married to Lynda for over 50 years with three children and six grandchildren.  Now retired, Ed was self-employed in the appliance business for 50 years.

Ed loves to bring the message of the Bible to those who feel it is an overwhelmingly large book and encourage them to search the scriptures for themselves.


Bible Semiar Teacher Jim

Jim Land

Jim has been leading Bible study sessions for over 50 years.  He was a senior manager at several local aerospace firms and JPL/Caltech for much of his career.  He holds an advanced degree in Aerospace Engineering and has extended studies at USC, UCLA, Stanford University and the Harvard Law School.   He has participated in several startup firms.  Jim has been married over 50 years and has three children and 8 grandchildren.

Jim’s passion is studying the Scriptures to understand God’s purpose.  His personal objective as a co-teacher in this seminar is to assist in getting interested Bible students to see the clear message of God as recorded in His Scriptures of the promise of the coming Kingdom of God and the students’ opportunity to participate in this Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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